We are equipped with the best machinery in India. We have skilled workers and good quality control line up, by which we can ensure you the best printing results.

1. Mitsibushi Daiya (6 color Machine) 22"x28" Japan make, 4 colors can be printed at one shot along with gold and silver as special colors. All these will be done at the same time. Impressions - 14000 copies per hour.
2. Mitsibushi Daiya (Singe color) 2"x32" Japan make, single color / cut colors can be printed. Impressions-8000 copies per hour.
3. Program cutting Machine 30"x45" Computerized programming.
4. Proteck Plate Making Exposure and processing unit  
5. DC 5000 Digital Colour Xerox Instant fast Delivery maximum 13"x19" size